The truth about depreciation and CGT

Depreciation and Capital Gains Tax

There are plenty of quandaries swirling around the zeitgeist which confound me. For example, what university course should I take to become a millionaire ‘influencer’? Also, why wasn’t our national anthem composed by a sweat-drenched, pub-rock band from Adelaide? Big questions that someone else will have to resolve I’m afraid. However, there is a line…

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The NSW Stamp Duty fallout: my three big predicted outcomes

There’s been a cacophony of opinion this week filling column inches and taking over the airwaves of property centric media. Refreshingly, the big news wasn’t pandemic related. Nor did it involve a concession speech of any description. No, the chatter has been dominated by a NSW government discussion around the abolition of stamp duty which…

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Building approvals point to a potential future housing shortage

Building Approval

It doesn’t seem that long ago we were talking about an oversupply of apartments across Sydney, South Melbourne, and Brisbane. However, a lot has changed in the past few years. The ABS October figures on building approvals show a seasonally adjusted estimate for total dwelling units falling by 8.1% in October. The graph below from…

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What sort of tax deductions will a swimming pool give you?

Swimming Pool Deductions

Swimming pools and depreciation – What sort of tax deductions will a swimming pool give you? It’s not unheard of for an investment property to have a swimming pool, certainly a shared one as part of the common areas of a larger unit development is very common. However, residential houses with swimming pools aren’t terribly…

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Deductions & Depreciation for all – Why the kids are doing OK

Depreciation & Deductions

Like any good analytical thinker, I love to hypothesise. Some think it’s a character flaw, whereas I – and those of my quantity surveying ilk – enjoy nothing more than ingesting data, extrapolating the assumptions and producing a conclusion. I was thinking about the recent federal election and the discussions put forward pre-poll day about…

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