Stay ahead of the ATO Tax Deadline in 2024

Stay ahead of the ATO tax deadline in 2024

As an Australian taxpayer, staying on top of key tax dates is crucial for individuals and businesses alike to ensure compliance and meeting the ATO tax deadline. To help with this, we’ve compiled the following list of important tax cutoff dates to keep track of in 2024. ATO Tax Deadline Dates for Individuals ATO Tax…

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The truth about depreciation and CGT

Depreciation and Capital Gains Tax

There are plenty of quandaries swirling around the zeitgeist which confound me. For example, what university course should I take to become a millionaire ‘influencer’? Also, why wasn’t our national anthem composed by a sweat-drenched, pub-rock band from Adelaide? Big questions that someone else will have to resolve I’m afraid. However, there is a line…

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The NSW Stamp Duty fallout: my three big predicted outcomes

There’s been a cacophony of opinion this week filling column inches and taking over the airwaves of property centric media. Refreshingly, the big news wasn’t pandemic related. Nor did it involve a concession speech of any description. No, the chatter has been dominated by a NSW government discussion around the abolition of stamp duty which…

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Building approvals point to a potential future housing shortage

Building Approval

It doesn’t seem that long ago we were talking about an oversupply of apartments across Sydney, South Melbourne, and Brisbane. However, a lot has changed in the past few years. The ABS October figures on building approvals show a seasonally adjusted estimate for total dwelling units falling by 8.1% in October. The graph below from…

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What sort of tax deductions will a swimming pool give you?

Swimming Pool Deductions

Swimming pools and depreciation – What sort of tax deductions will a swimming pool give you? It’s not unheard of for an investment property to have a swimming pool, certainly a shared one as part of the common areas of a larger unit development is very common. However, residential houses with swimming pools aren’t terribly…

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Deductions & Depreciation for all – Why the kids are doing OK

Depreciation & Deductions

Like any good analytical thinker, I love to hypothesise. Some think it’s a character flaw, whereas I – and those of my quantity surveying ilk – enjoy nothing more than ingesting data, extrapolating the assumptions and producing a conclusion. I was thinking about the recent federal election and the discussions put forward pre-poll day about…

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