Frequently Asked Questions

Develoment Application Cost Plans


Do you do a report I can submit to Council with a Development Application?

Yes we do. The report is called a Development Application Cost Plan report (also known as a Cost Summary or a Detailed Cost report) and is used to calculate the rough construction cost so the property owner can submit the report to Council in order for Council to work out how much they are going to charge the property owner in Fees to approve the development.

I need a Capital Investment Value (CIV) report. Do you do these?

Yes we do. The report is called a Capital Investment Value report and is used to consider whether the development is State Significant development, State significant infrastructure or Regionally significant development under the State Environmental Planning Policy and establishing the applicable Authority fees that apply to the development.

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I need a Section 7.12 report for Council. Do you do these?

Yes we do. The report is called a Section 7.12 Development Contributions report and it is used to establish how much the property owner needs to pay Council for development contribution levies as part of the development application process.

What is the process for a Development Application Cost Plan?

Step 1 - Quoting

After receiving your quotation request, we will review the information you have provided and come back to you promptly with a quote.


Step 2 - Coordinating the Report Information

After quote acceptance, you'll receive a request for the information we need from you to complete the report.


Step 3 - Completing the Development Application Cost Plan

Using the information provided, combined with our expert knowledge, we'll complete the report within 3-5 working days.

Given the detailed design of a development is quite often not completed at the point in time when a Development Application is submitted, we will make a number of assumptions as required with regard to material selections, construction methodology, the expected construction duration, required resources, etc.


Step 4 - Issuing the Report & Follow-up

Once completed, the report will be issued to you as a PDF, and our team is available to discuss the report with you upon completion.

MCG requires payment before we are able to release the report out and an invoice outlining all of our payment methods will be emailed to you as the process progresses.

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