MCG Property Market Research

Insights into the Australian property market

We're proud to have broken new ground with respect to our industry-first research. Please find our recent reports and data releases in chronological order below.

Landlord Exodus - May 2024 - Victoria likely to lose thousands of rentals in the next 12 months.

Unaffordable Australia - April 2024 - A detailed analysis of the rent affordability crisis across Australia, focusing on the substantial gap between current incomes and what is necessary to afford rent without financial strain.

Rising Tide of Unit Rents - March 2024 - Unit rents surge narrows the affordability gap with houses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Navigating the Shift - February 2024 - Unveiling regional sanctuaries amidst Australia's rental crunch.

Hardest Postcodes to Find a Rental - December 2023 - The worst postcodes for renters trying to find anything advertised.

MCG 1000 Assets Study 2022 - A study of property investor behaviour over a 4 year timeline.

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