Section 7.11 and Section 7.12 Contributions

The Two Categories of Local Infrastructure Contributions


Section 7.11 Contributions (Formerly Section 94)

Section 7.11 contributions, formerly known as Section 94 contributions, are financial levies imposed on developments that will lead to a net increase in population within a specific area. Typically based on square meterage, these contributions are intended to address the increased infrastructure demand resulting from the development, and are typically allocated to projects supporting the local community such as roads, parks, and facilities.

MCG Tax Depreciation

Section 7.12 Contributions (Formerly Section 94A)

Section 7.12 contributions are an alternative to Section 7.11. These contributions are charged as a percentage of the estimated value of the development, and usually cover utilities more specific to the particular project. Section 7.12 also allows for negotiation between the developer and council, and may even be used in combination with Section 7.11.

Benefits of a Development Application Cost Plan

Our Development Application Cost Plan reports provide an estimate of the construction cost of your development, which can be submitted to your council for approval and to determine your contributions.

MCG is able to offer a flat rate fee of $600 + GST and an industry-leading 3 to 5 business day turnaround time for our Development Application Cost Plan reports.

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