Join our Directors Mike Mortlock & Marty Sadlier in regular insurance & property investing webinars. Featuring a variety of special guests from the industry.

The Discomfort Zone: 5 Things I learned while training to cycle for 500km in 5 Days with Laura Shooter

Laura Shooter, Mike Mortlock

  • Special Guest Laura Shooter

Our Special Guest, Laura Shooter, serves as the Founder and Director of SJ Shooter Real Estate. As a seventh-generation Dubbo local, she has observed the pivotal role of real estate in the community. Her mission involves aligning Dubbo's online and real-world experiences through SJ Shooter Real Estate.

In her role as the Managing Director, Laura prioritises arming the team with industry-leading tools to achieve outstanding results. The recognition of winning the Real Estate Institute of NSW Award for Small Agency of the Year in their fifth year indicates that she is steering the organisation in the right direction.

  • Cultivating a motivated mindset among Property Managers, to enhance performance and strive for excellence.
  • Q&A

Growth Mindset in Property Management with special guest, Sarah Cincotta

Sarah Cincotta, Mike Mortlock

  • Special Guest Sarah Cincotta

Sarah is the Founder and Director of RISE with Sarah Cincotta, The BDM Mentor.

Sarah is a multi award winning Business Development Manager, who has a built a stand-out reputation for performance and customer service. Her role as a Mentor is to offer support and guidance to those BDMs and Business Owners who are ready to receive it.

From helping problem-solve, developing new skills, or simply reframing the current industry beliefs attached to the title of BDM.

  • Providing strategies to get the best out of our Property Managers & BDMs
  • Designed exclusively for Property Managers and Business Development Managers in the real estate landscape
  • Q&A

Handling difficult tenants & conflict resolution with special guest, Amy Blackburn

Amy Blackburn, Mike Mortlock

  • Special Guest Amy Blackburn

Amy brings more than 15 years’ experience in the Real Estate Industry, predominantly in Property Management.

Amy has worked in all facets in a variety of roles and environments, from small offices to fast-paced corporate settings.
​​​​​​​As Property Management Performance Manager with McGrath, Amy is responsible Property Management systems, culture, polices & procedures across the Victorian & Tasmanian of franchise offices.

  • Providing strategies for managing challenging tenant situations
  • Resolving disputes
  • Maintaining positive landlord-tenant relationships

How to be the best Property Manager with special guest Hayley Mitchell

Hayley Mitchell, Mike Mortlock

  • Special Guest Hayley Mitchell

    Hayley is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent and the Director of Mitchell PT. She is a seasoned property manager and passionate about providing quality training and consulting to others.

Build a team by starting green with special guest Nina Sutton

Nina Sutton, Mike Mortlock

  • Special Guest Nina Sutton

Property Management Partners was founded by Nina Sutton in 2019 with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking property management consulting agency in Melbourne.

Developing new habits with special guest Kirk Stafford

Kirk Stafford, Mike Mortlock

    • Special Guest Kirk Stafford

      Kirk knows the front line of property management, and after close to 30 years there, there isn’t a lot that he hasn’t covered. He has taught industry practice through the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, the TAFE system and national franchise brands.

Property Insurance cover for Commercial Property Owners with MCG Director, Marty Sadlier

Marty Sadlier

  • The recent history of under insurance in Australia
  • What are the common 5 approaches most insurance brokers take when it comes to evaluating property replacement costs?
  • What is a Quantity Surveyor?
  • The difference between a Quantity Surveyor and a Valuer
  • Online calculators are not replacement cost tools
  • Why MCG Quantity Surveyors are doing things differently

What You Must Know About Depreciation Legislation Changes And Industry First Insights Into Inve​​​​​​​stor Behaviour​​​​​​​

Mike Mortlock

Based on Mike's latest presentation to the Accounting Business Expo and the Institute of Public Accountants.

Everything you need to know about investing in Brisbane and South East Queensland 

Melinda Jennison, Mike Mortlock

  • A tour of the region and it's key pockets
    • Learn what makes all the individual areas tick and what makes them so different to invest in.
  • History of capital growth in City Vs Suburbs
    • Learn how the historical performance of the inner city suburbs has been different from most of the outer pockets and so-called hotspots.
  • Spotlight on Ipswich, Moreton Bay & Logan
    • Why are these locations so popular with investors and what do interstate investors need to know about these markets?
  • Who's buying and what's in store for the market?
    • We'll look at who's currently active in the market, whether investment is on the rise as well as what the future of the local property market looks like.

Renovating for equity uplift, rental increases, and tax depreciation with Felicity Maxwell

Felicity Maxwell, Mike Mortlock

Join property renovation guru Felicity Maxwell and tax depreciation expert Mike Mortlock as they discuss a real-world renovation case study. This free webinar is designed to assist property investors to better understand the nuances and numbers behind a renovation project, the potential issues along the way and the numbers behind the project.
​​​​​​​In this webinar we’ll cover;

    • Issues associated with renovating established property
    • How renovations should be tailored to the demographics of its area
    • Why flooring choices and other decisions have a huge impact on depreciation claims
    • The power of a strategic renovation in increasing equity, depreciation and rental returns

Tax depreciation for investors and property professionals with Mike Mortlock

Mike Mortlock

  • Who is Mike?
    • Mike is an industry leader in tax depreciation. Mike has worked as an expert depreciation consultant with a number of major firms. He has completed thousands of depreciation schedules for commercial and residential property and is in demand as a public speaker.
  • The three triggers that tell you the property would benefit from a depreciation schedule

  • How do depreciation deductions impact an investors back pocket

  • The two main categories of depreciation

  • Industry first data on legislation and property investor behaviour

What property managers need to know about depreciation

Mike Mortlock

  • Help your landlords maximise their entitlements
  • What it actually means to the investors back pocket
  • How to calculate the residual value of assets that might be damaged in an investment property
  • How to tell if a property will have worthwhile depreciation deductions

Property Insurance coverage - with Marty Sadlier

Marty Sadlier

  • The recent history of under insurance in Australia
  • What are the common 5 approaches most insurance brokers take when it comes to evaluating property replacement costs?
  • What is a Quantity Surveyor?
  • The difference between a Quantity Surveyor and Valuer
  • Online calculators are not replacement cost tools
  • Why MCG Quantity Surveyors are doing things differently

Property Depreciation: How to Save Thousands in Tax

Mike Mortlock

Do you want to learn a little-known property depreciation secret you can use even if your investment property was built prior to 1987? Watching this video will be the best decision you make today. This legislation has been around for years and can save you thousands in tax as a property investor. You'd be crazy not to use it. As a self-confessed tax depreciation nerd, Mike gives you the three triggers that would let you know that you'd benefit from a property depreciation schedule and why. Most people don't realize the third trigger is actually available for them to use.

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