Depreciation Calculator

Estimate your potential construction costs & tax depreciation deductions

We've been very critical of tax depreciation calculators in the past due to their inherent limitations and lack of accuracy, However, we cannot ignore that fact that many investors seek them out as popular ways to obtain a rough estimate.

Our preference is always to have a human crunch the numbers for you, which we'll do free of charge via the the link here, so please make use of that if accuracy is important to you.

We've taken our calculator offline due to the rapid increase in construction costs over the last 18 months. We're also developing some new tech! In the meantime, please use the link above for a FREE depreciation estimate completed by a real person!

Disclaimer - This is an estimate only and cannot be used for taxation purposes. It's provided as a general guide to assist in estimating potential deductions. The calculator is not endorsed by the Tax Practitioners Board, the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors or the Australian Taxation Office.  Estimates are provided using assumptions of construction type, style and quality. By using this calculator, you acknowledge and agree you must undertake your own analysis and obtain independent legal, financial and taxation advice before using, relying or acting on any information produced by the calculator. No representation is made that you will be entitled to claim any depreciation amount generated by the calculator, nor rely on the estimated construction cost. Neither MCG Quantity Surveyors, nor its directors, shareholders or advisers make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of information produced by the calculator. Nor will they have any liability to you or any other party for any representations (expressed or implied) contained in, or any omissions from, that information.