MCG’s 2024 Australian Property Market Predictions

What is your overall view on how markets will perform in 2024? The pace of construction cost growth will slow since supply chain pressures we saw during COVID have returned to normal. However, there is still a significant shortage of construction labour, exacerbated by the pipeline of government infrastructure projects. The target of building 1.2…

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Tax Depreciation Calculators – Is there merit in the estimates?

Depreciation Calculator

Google is telling us that more and more people are searching for a ‘tax depreciation calculator’. Admittedly, this search ranked well below the top 2016 result of ‘US Election’ and even a few million short of number 6 ‘Pokemon Go’. Putting the self-deprecating Quantity Surveyor stuff to the side for a moment, searching for an…

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Overseas Investment Properties & Depreciation

International Property

Whilst it’s certainly not the sort of reports we target, a number of our clients own investment properties overseas. If you’re claiming the rental income in Australia, then you’re entitled to minimise your tax via having a depreciation schedule completed. To date we’ve completed many reports for overseas investors in places like the United States,…

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Unit Renovation Case Study

Unit Renovtion

Our latest case study is a cracker. It showcases what can be done within a small space and smashes a commonly held myth that a property built before 1987 will never have any depreciation deductions. The unit was in Mona Vale, in Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches. It is a two bedroom, one-bathroom unit in a…

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Investing with Super – Commercial Offices & Depreciation

Commercial Offices

According to the Australian Tax Office, close to 600,000 self-managed super funds are now in operation. Hardly surprising given the fairly ordinary results of retail super funds, the fallout from the GFC and the relaxation of SMSF rules in Australia. Clients purchasing property within their super fund are entitled to claim depreciation deductions, and we’re…

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Inside a 2.5 million dollar northern beaches holiday home

Northern Beaches

There are certain pockets of Australia we find ourselves coming back to alot, and fortunately one of those places is Bynya Road, Palm Beach. We were engaged to prepare a capital allowance & tax depreciation schedule on this stunning holiday home. Estate agent Amethyst McKee described the property as a “charming timber and sandstone home…

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Negative Gearing and the Mum and Dad Investors

Negative Gearing

Much has been posited about the typical Australian property investor, especially their salary. According to the ATO, 67% of investors claiming rental interest deductions take home under $80,000 per year. At least as far back as 2014, the data has been pulled apart and commentators have asserted that the data is flawed. Their argument is…

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