What is a tax depreciation schedule and how can it change your tax return?

Tax Depreciation Schedule

Albert Einstein said if you can’t explain something simply, then you don’t understand it well enough. So, it’s time to test my understanding of tax depreciation schedules! A tax depreciation schedule is simply a report detailing the depreciation entitlements available to you within your investment property. The depreciation entitlements can be broken into two simple…

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Draft Legislation for Depreciation Changes Issued by Treasury

Depreciation Changes

On Friday the 14th of July, the treasury finally issued their draft legislation relating to the changes to depreciation for plant and equipment items. Personally, the most positive thing about the draft is that it’s silenced the fear-mongering commentators saying that depreciation on plant and equipment would be stripped from new properties. This was never…

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Plant & Equipment Depreciation Changes – 2017 Budget Measures


The announced budget changes by the treasurer Scott Morrison, effectively take a sledgehammer to residential depreciation legislation that hasn’t really changed since 2006. The Reserve Bank only has a blunt instrument to work with, in changing the cash rate to curb/stimulate inflation, but fiscal policy can be far more nuanced. The Government opted against a…

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Analysis of the Budget Changes to Tax Depreciation on Plant and Equipment

Analysis of Changes

UPDATED 11/5/2017 If you’re not already aware, last night’s budget announced some major changes to tax depreciation that will have a huge impact on quantity surveyors preparing depreciation schedules and residential property investors. I’ve been fielding calls and emails from accountants, investors and quantity surveying firm directors through the evening. There are two main ‘buckets’…

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