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Covid-19 vs Property

Review of the Ripehouse Advisory COVID-19 vs Australian Property Report

May 1, 2020

Without COVID-19,we were going to be having a great year in Building!

April 29, 2020
ATO Audit

Percentage of property investors with an ‘in-depth audit’ from the ATO

March 30, 2020
Instant Asset Write-off

Depreciation and the Instant Asset Write-off – Economic Stimulus Package 2020

March 12, 2020

Ensuring your home is adequately insured – What you need to know

March 12, 2020

Scrapping schedules – They were great, but here’s why they’re a thing of the past

March 9, 2020

You Have Missed The Boat There Is An Embargo – Insurance update

February 26, 2020

Are depreciation legislation changes affecting property investor behaviour?

February 21, 2020

Case Studies – Estimating costs of our very own Australian Solar Farms

December 19, 2019
Building Approval

Building approvals point to a potential future housing shortage

December 19, 2019
2019 in review

Wrapping up the year with Data, Dance Floors, and Depreciation

December 19, 2019
Building Site

Progress Claim Case Study – The MCG Method of Assessment

November 21, 2019
Short Term Leasing

What you need to know about short term leasing your investment property

October 29, 2019
Fire Cladding

Aluminium Composite Cladding being used in Victoria

October 24, 2019
Smart Investments

The ever-changing demographics that drive smart investment decisions

October 24, 2019
Insurance Calculators

What you need to know about under-insurance & online calculators

September 18, 2019
Natural Disasters

Bushfires & Floods – The cost of a Natural Disaster to home owners

September 18, 2019
Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveyors – accurate replacement costs of your development

September 18, 2019

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