How these SINGLE MUMS made their way to being successful property investors

Being a mum is already an occupation in itself as it’s difficult to juggle the responsibilities of being a wife, being a mother, and also working hard to provide for the family. But the question is why work a 9 to 5 job when you can possibly retire sooner by investing in property? 

That’s what these 3 successful Australian Mum Investors are looking to do, and they are now enjoying the fruit of their labour. Read on as they share how they entered into property investing and real estate and became successful in it. 


First, we have Amy Sanderson who shares how being a people lover helped her make her way through the property industry.  

Amy, a single mother, has utilised real estate investments to create a comfortable living for herself and her young son. Through hard work and determination, she advanced to a leadership position in the Property Investment Management division of LJ Hooker Network. Her goal is to accumulate a portfolio of properties that are completely debt-free and to pass them on to her son. 

She said: “It’s my choice to be a solo, career-focused parent, property is about showing my son that anything is possible if you put your mind to it,” What a great example she is to her son! 

According to her, the most profitable investment she has made is in two townhouses that require minimal attention and management, as the rental income covers the mortgage payments, while negative gearing and tax depreciation offset the operational expenses. 

Amy has leveraged real estate investments to balance spending quality time with her son and making a positive contribution to society. In addition, she credits the financial gains from her investments for enabling her to afford private school fees. 


Second, we have another successful mum named Lisa Curtin. 

Lisa Curtin has developed a reputation as a successful property investor, always making smart purchases based on sound calculations. However, when she learned that her childhood home was up for sale in 2005, she couldn’t resist purchasing it even though it wasn’t a wise investment. This was a sentimental decision because her father had built the home, and it held special memories for her. Lisa found herself struggling financially after buying the property, but her experience and expertise helped her manage the situation.  

She invested in her first property in 1991 and went on to develop a strategy that involved buying properties near the beach and adding considerable value. Lisa’s story demonstrates that emotional purchases can have both positive and negative effects on an investor’s portfolio. 

 She also shares that the key to her properties being rented out for a higher price was investing in mini renovations that made the place look a little bit better which allowed her to increase the rent bit by bit until she reached the maximum income she wanted. The best thing about it is that she has her own “mini renovation team” which includes her mother and her loving daughter. Starting her daughter young with property renovation, she really believes that “you’ve got to start them young.” 

Lisa doesn’t quite believe yet that she will be retiring by age 50, but she still encourages anyone who wants to enter the property investing game, especially the single mums out there, to just go for it and leave their hesitations behind. “I’m still a single mum and it has not always been easy, but you can start small. You have to start somewhere.”  



Lastly, we have a single mum who bought a $400,000 home with just a $9,000 deposit! She is Cindy Chalker, she said she never expected to become a property investor because she has rented her whole life, but a turnaround of events occurred. 

She was in Grade 9 when she saw her parents invest in their first property, it may have been a little late for them, but they were able to set a good example for Cindy.  

Cindy also shares how she feels a bit discouraged as a single mum property investor “It sounds silly, but when you’re a single parent and you’re renting, some places can make you feel like a second-class citizen or like you’re not as important as homeowners or a married couple,” she said. 

She was already 46 years old when she decided to boost up her savings by starting a new job at a superannuation company and selling tarot cards on the side, but she believed that it is never too late, and that life starts after 40!  

Her property investing journey started when she got a hold of the Federal Government’s Family Home Guarantee (FHG) which allows single parents in Australia to purchase a family home with a deposit of as little as 2 per cent, without having to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). In addition to the First Home Super Saver Scheme and the Queensland first home concession, she incorporated another strategy that enabled her to be exempted from paying stamp duty. Talk about huge savings, right? 

Cindy, who is a mum of a 12 and 21-year-old, shared her best tips when it comes to single parents investing in property and one of the most important things, she said was you should have DETERMINATION. It’s never giving up on that dream. She said it was a hard path to take but she continued believing in herself and kept telling herself not to give up and that’s what brought her to where she is today. And of course, second to that is to RESEARCH on the government schemes available to you. Being a single parent can be daunting, but it sure has its perks too and Cindy really made use of all the benefits she can get from being one. 


Being a single mum is a tough job, but being a single mum property investor is nothing short of remarkable. These inspiring women have shown that it’s possible to achieve financial independence and stability while raising a family on their own. They’ve overcome countless obstacles, from balancing work and parenting to navigating the competitive real estate market and have emerged as some of the most successful investors in the industry. 

These incredible women are role models for all of us, demonstrating that with hard work, determination, and a clear vision of their goals, anything is possible. They’ve proven that being a single mum is not a limitation but an opportunity to demonstrate their strength and resilience. They are not just investing in property, but they are also investing in themselves and their children’s future. 

Their success stories are a reminder that we should never let our circumstances hold us back. Instead, we should use them as a source of motivation to achieve even greater things. So, here’s to all the amazing single mum property investors out there who are paving the way for a better future for themselves and their families.  


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Superwomen!