Plant & Equipment Depreciation Changes – 2017 Budget Measures


The announced budget changes by the treasurer Scott Morrison, effectively take a sledgehammer to residential depreciation legislation that hasn’t really changed since 2006. The Reserve Bank only has a blunt instrument to work with, in changing the cash rate to curb/stimulate inflation, but fiscal policy can be far more nuanced. The Government opted against a…

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Timely reminder to home owners – Watersun Homes Collapses

Bankrupt Builder

The headlines are reading, ‘Home builder goes under, Thousands lost, Hundreds of home owners left out of pocket’. The reality is that we have all read these headlines before and unfortunately, these brutal words will continue to feature from time to time within the construction landscape. Building your home is a personal thing, whether it…

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MCG on Australian Property Investor

Australian Property Investor

Our Director Mike Mortlock is featured on the Australian Property Investor Blog today discussing real estate sales contracts and agency incentives. Take a look here:

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Lessons from Freakonomics – Are real estate incentives aligned with the goal of achieving the highest price?

Real Estate Prices

** This article appeared on Property Observer Today ** I’ve recently returned from some time in the United States, and I always find Americans’ service gratuity or ‘tipping’ an interesting contrast to life back in Australia. Tipping got me thinking of the book Freakonomics (which I’d recommend to anyone who’s interested in bizarre correlations and…

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