1000 Assets Report 2022: How investment properties are changing

It’s exciting to be able to look back on a vast collation of information and draw meaningful conclusions. Well… it is for data tragics like me, at least. Our firm recently completed its 1000 Assets report for 2022. It’s a unique data source generated by analysing information from thousands of property depreciation schedules prepared by…

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1000 Assets Report 2022: How investors are changing

After the trials of 2020/21, I expect ‘adaptable’ and ‘resilient’ to be emblazoned across the plinth of every monument to human endurance erected for years to come. We’ve been served up challenges in all parts of life and, to our credit, have mostly found ways to alter our behaviours and make the best of each…

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The Cause of Our Deepening Rental Crisis

Consumer House Price

While I’m a generally upbeat person, there are some aspects of the Australian residential investment market that are cause for concern. Worse still is that some of the struggles we see in the rental market can be remedied, but they’re founded in a common misconception about real estate investors. I think we’re in the habit…

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