Interest Rate Rises and The Property Market, My Two Cents.

The RBA has increased rates for the first time in more than 11 years. That’s significant because as the RBA says itself, many households have never experienced rising interest rates. They’re also going to go up further, likely in the next few months. Before we panic though, let’s get some context. As a guide, if…

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The Cause of Our Deepening Rental Crisis

Consumer House Price

While I’m a generally upbeat person, there are some aspects of the Australian residential investment market that are cause for concern. Worse still is that some of the struggles we see in the rental market can be remedied, but they’re founded in a common misconception about real estate investors. I think we’re in the habit…

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Percentage Of Home Owners That Have No Insurance At All

If there’s one silver lining out of the arduous lockdowns experienced during COVID, it’s that the rate of house break-ins has dropped. As painful as they have been, stay-at-home orders have correlated with an average 37% reduction in crime around the world, according to an international study endorsed by the University of Queensland. It’s a…

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