Tax Depreciation Calculators – Is there merit in the estimates?

Depreciation Calculator

Google is telling us that more and more people are searching for a ‘tax depreciation calculator’. Admittedly, this search ranked well below the top 2016 result of ‘US Election’ and even a few million short of number 6 ‘Pokemon Go’. Putting the self-deprecating Quantity Surveyor stuff to the side for a moment, searching for an…

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Scrapping Schedules Demystified

Scrapping Schedules

Scrapping depreciable assets is a fantastic way to claim deductions as an asset reaches the end of its practical use. Essentially it’s a simple process but we’ve had a number of calls from investors confused by terms like ‘scrapping schedules’. The difference between a depreciation schedule and a scrapping schedule is practically nothing, other than…

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Super deductions – Inside the Hilton Hotel Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise Hilton

We’ve recently had the pleasure of completing some major works for the Hilton Hotel in Surfers Paradise. Locals will no doubt be aware that the Hotel was for sale in 2015. The Gold Coast Bulletin ran the following headline. “GOT $60 million? You could own one of the city’s newest five-star hotels.” The Hilton sale…

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Inside a 2.5 million dollar northern beaches holiday home

Northern Beaches

There are certain pockets of Australia we find ourselves coming back to alot, and fortunately one of those places is Bynya Road, Palm Beach. We were engaged to prepare a capital allowance & tax depreciation schedule on this stunning holiday home. Estate agent Amethyst McKee described the property as a “charming timber and sandstone home…

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The questions we’re asked on a daily basis


Navigating the world of property depreciation can be a daunting task for property investors. Our aim is to simplify the process, eliminate the B.S. and arm investors with the knowledge they need to get the most out of their property. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good time to answer some…

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ATO Tax Depreciation Effective Lives – Depreciation Rates for 2013/2014 under Tax Ruling 2013/2014

Effective Lives

*Note – These effective lives are now covered by TR 2019/5. The best up to date list is here We’re frequently fielding questions about the specific effective lives for residential property, so we’ve decided to post the current effective lives here. These effective lives are current at the time of posting, and come from…

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