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Unfortunately, based on the information provided, it’s unlikely that your property contains worthwhile depreciation deductions.


Based on the information provided, your property likely has significant depreciation deductions available.

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The MCG Tax Depreciation Calculator provides a general estimate of the depreciation that may be claimable on a property. MCG Quantity Surveyors makes no guarantee on the accuracy or completeness of the MCG Tax Depreciation Calculator's results, and disclaims any liability for any explicit or implicit statements or omissions. The MCG Tax Depreciation Calculator's outcomes are based on various assumptions, and may not align with your individual situation. By using the MCG Tax Depreciation Calculator, you acknowledge the necessity of conducting your own analysis and obtaining independent advice before acting on any information it provides. The MCG Tax Depreciation Calculator's results regarding future property depreciation should not be seen as guarantees, and there is no assurance that the depreciation amounts suggested will be claimable. The MCG Tax Depreciation Calculator is not endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office.