Deductions & Depreciation for all – Why the kids are doing OK

Depreciation & Deductions

Like any good analytical thinker, I love to hypothesise. Some think it’s a character flaw, whereas I – and those of my quantity surveying ilk – enjoy nothing more than ingesting data, extrapolating the assumptions and producing a conclusion. I was thinking about the recent federal election and the discussions put forward pre-poll day about…

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What is a tax depreciation schedule and how can it change your tax return?

Tax Depreciation Schedule

Albert Einstein said if you can’t explain something simply, then you don’t understand it well enough. So, it’s time to test my understanding of tax depreciation schedules! A tax depreciation schedule is simply a report detailing the depreciation entitlements available to you within your investment property. The depreciation entitlements can be broken into two simple…

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Investors are losing to depreciation changes to plant and equipment

Budget Changes

We recently analysed 1,000 residential depreciation schedules and found that 82% of them would still benefit from having a depreciation schedule completed, given the impact of depreciation changes to plant and equipment. In some ways, it’s good news for investors (and quantity surveyors especially) that the impact wasn’t worse. Certainly, abolishing negative gearing would be…

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Critical misinformation around property depreciation changes

Depreciation Changes

The senate has passed the depreciation changes (as of writing it is awaiting royal assent), but unfortunately a number of large quantity surveying firms have been reporting incorrect or incomplete analysis of the changes. I’ve been modelling the impacts of the recent depreciation changes by analysing the reports in our system as well as looking…

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Occupying your investment – The accidental investment property

Occupying Investment

We’ve often wondered how many investors convert their primary place of residence into an investment. We’ve seen a lot of first home owners buy a property for stamp duty concessions or first home owner bonuses and live in their property for 6-12 months before promptly converting it to a rental. However, anecdotally most of the…

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