Unit Renovation Case Study

Unit Renovtion

Our latest case study is a cracker. It showcases what can be done within a small space and smashes a commonly held myth that a property built before 1987 will never have any depreciation deductions. The unit was in Mona Vale, in Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches. It is a two bedroom, one-bathroom unit in a…

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Scrapping Schedules Demystified

Scrapping Schedules

Scrapping depreciable assets is a fantastic way to claim deductions as an asset reaches the end of its practical use. Essentially it’s a simple process but we’ve had a number of calls from investors confused by terms like ‘scrapping schedules’. The difference between a depreciation schedule and a scrapping schedule is practically nothing, other than…

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What are Scrapping Schedules?

scrapping schedule

Authors Note: Scrapping schedules have been impacted by legislation changes and in most cases will not suit your scenario. See more information here – Scrapping Schedules – Why they’re a thing of the past. The term ‘scrapping schedule’ is thrown about a lot these days, and to be honest, it’s a term that is more…

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What will a new kitchen do for you?

New Kitchen

What will a new kitchen do for you?Updating a kitchen can be a fantastic way to increase both your rental yield and the capital value of your investment property. We’re often asked what a new kitchen will do for depreciation deductions. Ignoring any scrapping component discussed in the adjacent article, let’s take a look at…

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Scrapping & Tax Depreciation – Writing off an asset

Writing off an asset

Previously I’ve written about how effective lives are determined, which gave a quick insight into the process of ‘scrapping’. In simple terms, scrapping is the process of throwing away an asset that has reached the end of its physical life. The benefit from a depreciation perspective is that the remaining written down value of the…

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