Plant & Equipment Depreciation Changes – 2017 Budget Measures


The announced budget changes by the treasurer Scott Morrison, effectively take a sledgehammer to residential depreciation legislation that hasn’t really changed since 2006. The Reserve Bank only has a blunt instrument to work with, in changing the cash rate to curb/stimulate inflation, but fiscal policy can be far more nuanced. The Government opted against a…

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Tax Depreciation Calculators – Is there merit in the estimates?

Depreciation Calculator

Google is telling us that more and more people are searching for a ‘tax depreciation calculator’. Admittedly, this search ranked well below the top 2016 result of ‘US Election’ and even a few million short of number 6 ‘Pokemon Go’. Putting the self-deprecating Quantity Surveyor stuff to the side for a moment, searching for an…

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Unit Renovation Case Study

Unit Renovtion

Our latest case study is a cracker. It showcases what can be done within a small space and smashes a commonly held myth that a property built before 1987 will never have any depreciation deductions. The unit was in Mona Vale, in Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches. It is a two bedroom, one-bathroom unit in a…

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Scrapping Schedules Demystified

Scrapping Schedules

Scrapping depreciable assets is a fantastic way to claim deductions as an asset reaches the end of its practical use. Essentially it’s a simple process but we’ve had a number of calls from investors confused by terms like ‘scrapping schedules’. The difference between a depreciation schedule and a scrapping schedule is practically nothing, other than…

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What will a new kitchen do for you?

New Kitchen

What will a new kitchen do for you?Updating a kitchen can be a fantastic way to increase both your rental yield and the capital value of your investment property. We’re often asked what a new kitchen will do for depreciation deductions. Ignoring any scrapping component discussed in the adjacent article, let’s take a look at…

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The Biggest Mistakes Landlords Make

Landlord Mistakes

 1. Not treating the investment property like a business If your investment property is occupied by a family member you’re helping out, then your investment goals might be a little different. However, for most investors they’re in the business of owning a property to make money. There are often times when investors make decisions based…

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