The Danger in Errors in Property Insurance

I love a good pub trivia quiz. A few guesses, a few beers, and a catch up with mates. Unfortunately some people apply the same method to working out their property insurance. A bit of a guess, maybe some tips from a valuer, and possibly even an online calculator. The truth is, there’s a bit…

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Percentage Of Home Owners That Have No Insurance At All

If there’s one silver lining out of the arduous lockdowns experienced during COVID, it’s that the rate of house break-ins has dropped. As painful as they have been, stay-at-home orders have correlated with an average 37% reduction in crime around the world, according to an international study endorsed by the University of Queensland. It’s a…

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The Biggest Mistakes Landlords Make

Landlord Mistakes

 1. Not treating the investment property like a business If your investment property is occupied by a family member you’re helping out, then your investment goals might be a little different. However, for most investors they’re in the business of owning a property to make money. There are often times when investors make decisions based…

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