Scrapping Schedules Demystified

Scrapping Schedules

Scrapping depreciable assets is a fantastic way to claim deductions as an asset reaches the end of its practical use. Essentially it’s a simple process but we’ve had a number of calls from investors confused by terms like ‘scrapping schedules’. The difference between a depreciation schedule and a scrapping schedule is practically nothing, other than…

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Inside a 2.5 million dollar northern beaches holiday home

Northern Beaches

There are certain pockets of Australia we find ourselves coming back to alot, and fortunately one of those places is Bynya Road, Palm Beach. We were engaged to prepare a capital allowance & tax depreciation schedule on this stunning holiday home. Estate agent Amethyst McKee described the property as a “charming timber and sandstone home…

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What are Scrapping Schedules?

scrapping schedule

Authors Note: Scrapping schedules have been impacted by legislation changes and in most cases will not suit your scenario. See more information here – Scrapping Schedules – Why they’re a thing of the past. The term ‘scrapping schedule’ is thrown about a lot these days, and to be honest, it’s a term that is more…

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ATO Tax Depreciation Methods – Diminishing Value and Prime Cost

Depreciation Methods

The ATO allows two very different methods of calculating property tax depreciation deductions, the Diminishing Value Method and the Prime Cost Method. Most investors choose the Diminishing Value Method as it will return the greatest amount of deductions over the first few years of ownership. However it’s worth discussing with your accountant, as maximising your…

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Property Tax Depreciation – Effective Lives

depreciating assets

Property Tax Depreciation – How does the commissioner determine the effective life of a depreciating asset? I’m often asked where ‘effective lives’ come from, and the short answer is the Commissioner of taxation. The long answer is a lot more complicated than that. For those uninitiated in how depreciation rates are calculated for plant &…

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