Tax Depreciation Schedule Point Cook, VIC

Tax Depreciation Schedules
Point Cook, VIC

A tax depreciation schedule from our award winning team ensures you’re maximising the after tax return on your investment property.

About Point Cook

Point Cook is located within the Wyndham region as part of the Wyndham (C) Local Government Area.

Properties in affluent areas tend to be built to a much higher standard than elsewhere. The result is that construction costs are might higher on a per square metre basis. The number one advantage of overcapitalising on renovations or purchasing a property with a high construction cost is depreciation. Essentially, the more money is spent on the construction, the higher the deductions are likely to be.

Estimate the total tax depreciation deductions for your property in Point Cook using the calculator below!


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The maximum effective life of a residential building as prescribed by the ATO is 40 years, therefore our comprehensive reports last for the full 40 years.

Our reports are completed within 7 working days of the inspection and under normal circumstances, most inspections are organised within 4-5 days.

Yes! Unless we can find double our fee worth of depreciation deductions, we’ll cancel the report without charge! Our first step starts with an analysis of your potential claims.

The short answer is no. It is correct to say that the newer a property is, the more depreciation deductions you are likely to be able to claim. However, a property will generally always attract some amount of depreciation regardless of age, unless it is a very old property in completely original condition.

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