Commercial Tax Depreciation

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Commercial Tax Depreciation reports demand a much higher technical knowledge than residential property. There are far more ATO industry categories and hundreds of specific plant and equipment items. Our vast knowledge of construction cost estimating for commercial property and the associated tax legislation knowledge comes from experience within the following fields;

* Accommodation & Food Services
* Agriculture
* Construction
* Farming
* Health Care & Social Assistance
* Horticulture
* Hotels, Pubs & Clubs
* Industrial
* Manufacturing
* Mining
* Offices
* Professional, Scientific & Technical
* Rental &Hiring
* Retail
* Tourism
* Transport
* VeterinaryServices
* Wineries

Commercial property tax depreciation is available to both tenants (leasehold) and owners (freehold). The leasehold assets often include retail fit outs or businesses where the tenant owns specific equipment which is utilised as part of the day to day operations of the business. Freehold assets consist of the building itself (where it qualifies) and associated plant and equipment which normally forms part of the building such as air conditioning systems, fire safety systems, floor coverings and the life.

Not adequately claiming commercial property depreciation can result in many thousands of tax deductions being missed.

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