ATO Effective Lives (20/21)

Plant and Equipment Effective Lives

ATO Effective Lives TR 2020/3

Below are the ATO effective lives for residential property as at the 1st of July 2020 from TR 2020/3. There have been no changes to residential effective lives since the 1st of July 2019 as shown below.
This ruling, which applies from 1st July 2020, replaces TR 2019/5

*IMPORTANT* The 1st of July saw the first real major changed to residential effective lives since 2004. Consequently we've added detailed notes to the table below to highlight the assets that are new additions to the lists, and the assets that have had their effective lives changed. We've also included what the previous effective life was, as you may be required to utilise these effective lives depending on your settlement date and or the date the asset was installed ready for use. For more information, please feel free to get in touch.

If you'd like a PDF copy of this ruling, please feel free to get in touch.

Assets generally: 
    Air conditioning assets (excluding ducting, pipes and vents): 
        Air handling units20
            Volumetrics (including reciprocating, rotary, screw, scroll): 
        Condensing sets15
        Cooling towers15
        Damper motors (including variable air volume box controller)10
        Fan coil units (connected to condensing set)15
        Mini split systems up to 20KW (including ceiling, floor and high wall split system)10
        Packaged air conditioning units15
        Room units10
    Ceiling fans5
    Clocks, electric10
    Digital peep holes10 (new addition 1-7-2019)
    DVD players5
    Door closers10
    Door stops, freestanding10
    Escalators (machinery and moving parts)20
    Evaporative coolers: 
        Fixed (excluding ducting and vents)15 (changed from 25 as at 1-7-2019)
        Portable10 (new addition 1-7-2019)
    Floor coverings (removable without damage): 
        Carpet8 (changed from 10 as at 1-7-2019)
        Floating timber15
    Furniture, freestanding13   1/3
    Garbage bins10
    Garbage compacting systems (excluding chutes)6   2/3
    Gym assets: 
    Hand dryers, electrical10
                Ducted central heating unit20
    Home automation control assets10 (new addition 1-7-2019)
    Hot water systems (excluding piping): 
    Hydronic assets: 
        Controls10 (new addition 1-7-2019)
        Water heaters15 (new addition 1-7-2019)
    Intercom system assets10
    Lifts (including hydraulic and traction lifts)30
        Fittings (excluding hardwired)5
        Shades, removable5
    Master antenna television (MATV) assets: 
        Power sources10
    Mirrors, freestanding15
        Controls10 (new addition 1-7-2019)
        Motors10 (new addition 1-7-2019)
    Solar power generating system (incorporating batteries, inverters, solar panels, regulators)20
    Stereo systems (incorporating amplifiers, cassette players, CD players, radios and speakers)7
    Surround sound systems (incorporating audio-video receivers and speakers)10
    Telecommunications assets: 
        Cordless phones4
        Telephone hand sets6 (changed from 10 as at 1-7-2019)
        Telephone systems - see Table B Telephony 
    Television antennas, freestanding5
    Television sets8 (changed from 10 as at 1-7-2019)
    Vacuum cleaners: 
    Ventilation fans20
    Video cassette recorder systems (VCRs)5
    Water pumps:*note: previously only one type at 20 years
        Rainwater tanks5 (new addition 1-7-2019)
        Single residence pressure pumps8 (new addition 1-7-2019)
    Window blinds, internal10
    Window curtains6
    Window shutters, automatic: 
Bathroom assets: 
    Accessories, freestanding (including shower caddies, soap holders, toilet brushes)3 (changed from 5 as at 1-7-2019)
    Exhaust fans (including light/heating)10
    Heated towel rails, electric10
    Shower curtains (excluding curtain rods and screens)2
    Spa bath pumps10 (changed from 20 as at 1-7-2019
Fire control assets: 
    Detection and alarm systems: 
        Alarm bells12
        Detectors (including addressable manual call points, heat, multi type and smoke)20
        Fire indicator panels12
    Emergency warning and intercommunication systems (EWIS): 
        Master emergency control panels12
        Strobe lights12
        Warden intercom phones (WIPs)12
    Hoses and nozzles10
    Pumps (including diesel and electric)25
    Stair pressurisation assets: 
        AC variable speed drives (VSDs)10
        Pressurisation and extraction fans25
Kitchen assets: 
    Cook tops12
    Dishwashers8 (changed from 10 as at 1-7-2019)
    Garbage disposal units10
    Microwave ovens8 (changed from 10 as at 1-7-2019)
    Range hoods12
    Water filters, electrical15
Laundry assets: 
    Clothes dryers7 (changed from 10 as at 1-7-2019)
    Ironing boards, freestanding5 (changed from 7 as at 1-7-2019)
    Washing machines8 (changed from 10 as at 1-7-2019)
Outdoor assets: 
    Automatic garage doors: 
    Barbecue assets: 
        Fixed barbecue assets: 
            Sliding trays and cookers10
        Freestanding barbecues5
    Floor carpet (including artificial grass and matting)5
    Folding arm awnings: 
        Controls10 (new addition 1-7-2019)
        Motors10 (new addition 1-7-2019)
    Furniture, freestanding5
    Gardening watering installations: 
        Control panels5
        Timing devices5
    Garden lights, solar5 (changed from 8 as at 1-7-2019)
    Garden sheds, freestanding15
    Gates, electrical: 
    Operable pergola louvres: 
    Rainwater tanks: 
        Galvanised steel25 (new addition as at 1-7-2019)
        Polyethylene15 (new addition as at 1-7-2019)
    Roller blinds*note: only ever had window blinds at 10 years
        Controls10 (new addition as at 1-7-2019)
        Motors10 (new addition as at 1-7-2019)
    Sauna heating assets15
    Sewage treatment assets: 
        Fixed spa assets:*note: only ever had pumps at 20 years
            Chlorinators10 (new addition as at 1-7-2019)
            Filtration assets (including pumps)10 (new addition as at 1-7-2019)
            Heaters (electric or gas)15
        Freestanding spas (incorporating blowers, controls, filters, heaters and pumps)17
    Swimming pool assets: 
        Chlorinators10 (changed from 12 as at 1-7-2019)
        Cleaning assets7
        Covers (including blankets)8 (new addition as at 1-7-2019)
        Filtration assets (including pumps)10 (changed from 12 as at 1-7-2019)
    Tennis court assets: 
        Drag brooms3
        Umpire chairs15
Security and monitoring assets: 
    Access control systems: 
        Code pads5
        Door controllers5
            Swipe card3
    CCTV systems: 
            Time lapse2
        Switching units (including multiplexes)5
    Security systems: 
        Code pads5
        Control panels5
        Detectors (including passive infrared, photo sensors and vibration)5
        Global System for Mobiles (GSM) Units5
        Noise makers (including bells and sirens)5

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