Quantity Surveyors & Tax Depreciation Schedule in Sydney

The property market in the New South Wales capital is always on the rise. Prices for residential, commercial, and industrial property continue to post strong results in Sydney and as a result, investing in either an investment property to rent or a construction project is an exciting proposition. For those of you who have either, we here at MCG Quantity Surveyors will work with you to save money on your investment. We specialise in depreciation services and look forward to the opportunity of maximising your claims.

Professional Quantity Surveyors for your Sydney project

Backed by many years of experience in the industry, we are well versed to assist you throughout the entire construction project’s process. As a respected source of quantity surveyors, we ensure that your development is on schedule regarding both time and costs.

Pre-development organisation

Using many different factors (such as similar ventures in the same area), we will work with the plans you provide us to generate a fair budget for your specific project. Not only this, but we’ll assign costs to the many different elements of the project so they can be followed closely. Once we have prepared these estimates, we create an incredibly in-depth report to provide to you.

During development

While underway, you need to make sure that the build is running on schedule. We will monitor the running costs and timeline closely to keep everything on track. If something unavoidable occurs during this process that halts construction, we will apply that to the existing budget and make the necessary changes. New costs will then be negotiated and agreed upon by all of the contractors involved.


When everything has been finished, there are a number of services we can offer you. From insurance and depreciation estimates, sinking fund schedules and of course depreciation.

Tax Depreciation Reports

If you have an investment property in Sydney, be sure to take advantage of our tax depreciation service – we are experts in the field and will ensure your return is the highest possible.

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